My name is Pailin Mirault, an emerging illustrator based in Toronto.

Through vivid colours and experiences I'm skilled at crafting flat
characters and concepts that exude confidence. As an extension of my personality my illustrations are best described as playful, colorful and adaptable to her environment. My illustrations has helped smaller businesses establish their identity along with launch their first line of products to the market. I reference my art to my experiences and interests from my favorite hobbies such as skating, fashion, streetwear culture, and sports to create visually compelling narratives.

Contact: pailinmirault@gmail.com
Instagram: @pailin.miro

Work Experience

Solo Exhibition—2021
Successfully curated and hosted a solo exhibition of my NFT collection at Lido Art Space in Thailand. Collaborated with two prominent bakeries for catering services and secured a DJ for entertainment. This experience honed my skills in event coordination, budget management, and public speaking.
Art Director & Illustrator for SSC— 2021-2021
Skunk Social Club hired me for 9 months as the art director & illustrator for their NFT collection. I worked at their office producing the NFT characters, the company’s visual brand, the company’s products and the overall art direction of the project.
T-shirt Illustration Designs— 2023
ChlorineTo is a local band based in Toronto. I was in charge of designing their brand’s identity and T shirt designs. I also worked on a freelancing contract with Shijia Fitness to design their new T shirt collection on popular Asian culture in North America.
Book Cover Illustrations— 2023
Editorial illustrations for Ontario College of Arts and Design University. De- signing the front and back cover of OCADs handbook planner intended to promote a positivity and diversity.
Workshop Facilitator— 2023
Successfully conducting a workshop at OCAD teaching students about creative entrepreneurship.

The Local Gallery— 2023
Exhibiting 3 original acrylic paintings at the Local Gallery based in Toronto.

DEAN’S List Academic Award SCAD 2019
DEAN’S List Academic Award OCAD 2022

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