Activist Poster Design
Homelessness Issue In Toronto — Expressing empathy, awareness and educating people on this issue. Homelessness in Toronto has been a persistent issue in the city for decades due to a range of factors such as: poverty, lack of housing, and mental health and addiction issues. With this knowledge, my purpose was to create awareness by attaching a real-life scenario in which citizens of Toronto can relate to.
Reference images
I began by photographing different subway stations as reference to study the environment and relate to the audience. When it came to designing and choosing the right visual depictions, I decided to go for a flat and stylized illustration with a similar color palette to the Toronto subway stations. The design is simplified and easily understood without any context. 
The narrative strategies I used was a real-life setting paired with an obvious foreground focal point of a homeless person (the elephant in the room). Another strategy I used was the symbolism of an imaginary house over the main subject which is instantly recognized as an iconic symbol for homelessness. 
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A MIRO creative studio production
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